Many people think that Valentine’s day is a commercial holiday. Well, of course, everything is commercial nowadays. Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s day. But what a day represents does not have to be negative because it is commercial. Valentines day, in my opinion, should serve simply as a reminder to cherish the people we love. Flowers can represent the importance of small gestures to show someone you care. People should not compare their gifts to other people’s but rather they should be happy that this is a day in which love reigns. People who are single/widowed/separated do not need to hate this holiday. We all have someone who cares about us and who we care about. This is not a day simply for cheesy comments and balloons and over-expensive dinners and gifts. Valentine’s day can be special if we all just spread the love, give a compliment and tell the people who are most important to us how much we care.
I hope you all have a great day. 😀


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