So I was browsing through my stuff a few minutes ago and found a poem I had written quite a while back. This was when I was quite young so it isn’t really refined poetry more than it is an overflow of emotions written down by a younger version of me haha.

In the darkness, In the light,
Memories of us intertwined.
I think of when you’ll be in my sight,
When I’ll feel your arms holding me tight.
The thought of losing you I cannot bear,
And although I know that you are unaware,
I will forever think of you, forever care.
Better to have loved and lost, they say,
Than never to have loved at all.
Not loving you would have been not living,
And losing you I will fall back,
Back into the darkness of solitude,
Waiting for he who does not wait,
For I cant bear being alone,
And without you there is no hope,
For nobody can replace you
Nobody ever will and I can’t cope,
A life without you, my friend, my partner, my love.


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